The Gluten

Something I really want to accomplish with this blog is being completely transparent with my followers and share what is currently going on in my life, whether it’s pretty or not. This isn’t pretty.

Currently, we noticed a lot of signs something just isn’t right within me. During the holidays I was feeling absolutely terrible. Body aches, a general feeling of bleh, and other unmentionable side effects. Through our research(WebMD) these symptoms were often associated with gluten allergies. So… I decided to test this theory and eliminate gluten. We have already begun this experiment. Complete honest for a moment. This is hard, very hard.

This past week has been full of Graham constantly telling me “That has gluten in it” every time I try to order, pick something out at the store, reach for an item in the fridge, or stick something in my mouth, it all has gluten. IT ALL HAS GLUTEN. It has definitely been an experience. From an enjoyment perspective, I have had to say no to quite a few things that I associate with good feelings. Beer, desserts, and bread just to list a few. I have no self control. I love desserts and chocolate. Chocolate desserts are dangerous to me. They almost always have gluten. This will test my will. But, after just a week I am noticing something else. I feel good. I feel healthy. This feeling is the only thing that is keeping me in check.

Outside saying goodbye to some of my favorite food items, there are other difficulties for me personally. I’m a middle child. This means I’m a peacekeeper and do not like to inconvenience those people around me. Try being that one person at the table asking if there is gluten in that. It is a feeling I am not used to. It is a feeling that I do not enjoy.

When you begin the gluten free lifestyle you first think it is impossible. However, you quickly find in the world we live in you are not alone. It is now very “trendy” to be gluten free and thankfully for that a lot of restaurants have become accommodating. Once you learn what all has gluten it’s a lot easier to avoid. Our local grocery store has an entire gluten free isle. Now, those brownies were less than desirable. I guess we will have to discover a recipe for gluten free brownies that doesn’t taste bad. Do you know of any? Please share if you do. I beg of you, please share!

Now that I am trying to enjoy food without the presence of gluten, I have found the importance of having some good recipes handy. Luckily my mom ( a nutritionist back in North Louisiana) gave me a Mediterranean cook book for Christmas. She claims the Mediterranean diet is the best way to live. You will see me attempt to create these recipes. Yes, I will be cooking them. Not Graham. Let us all hope Graham is a good teacher.

Looking back over the past week. This new found lifestyle without gluten has not been as bad as I had initially anticipate. As long as I have the will power to keep my cravings a bay, I will be able to do this. There could be worse things that I could have to remove from my life... I will keep you updated along the way of good recipes or tasty restaurants. You will know of my success with this as well as any set backs that I might have. Thank you for following along.




Dallas Gluten Free Recommendations

Dallas Grilled Cheese Co is awesome if you are looking for a good soup and sandwich. When asked, they will use gluten free bread for any sandwich on the menu for just $1 extra.

Cidercade if you are struggling because you enjoy the atmosphere of breweries but can’t enjoy the beer, Ciders are a great alternative. Cidercade offers a wide variety of ciders and lots of arcade games to play while you drink.

Central Market is our go to grocery store because they have really fresh produce at a reasonable price. They also have an entire isle designated to Gluten Free products.