The Baby

Our family grew by one. Baby Levi came into the world Sunday, January 6th, at 9:38am. Let’s just say it was an exciting past few days for all of us! There is a reason I’m here sharing my thoughts with you… What the heck am I supposed to do as an aunt?

Usually, our weeks are pretty slow. There is a pattern to them. We go from home to work and from work to home. Sprinkle in the occasional trips to the store and a date night here and there and you have a good understanding of what our lives look like. This week was vastly different than that.

Of course it had to be the week my sister has a baby. Not to mention my mom was in town as well to help her out. It has been tough. All I wanted to do was spend time with the family during Levi’s first week at home. I was caught off guard with all of the things I had in my schedule. Yes, my sister lives close to an hour away. That is one factor but the activity of my week played a huge part in keeping me from seeing them all. I am left saddened that I did not make it out there. Is that bad of the aunt to not see my nephew in his first week home?

What is my role as the aunt? This is my parents first grandchild and my first nephew. I’m not really sure what this job entails. What are my responsibilities? Was I supposed to go over each night to help? Speaking of that, how much help does a newborn need? Would another warm body just create a crowd since my mother was already over there? Should I allow my sister and her husband to figure out their schedule before I start dropping in? I am left with more questions than I have answers. Am I over thinking this?

Fortunately for me, I feel my role will be clearly lined out for me. My younger sister is one of those people who has no problem voicing her opinion. I am confident she will have my responsibilities fully realized at some point. Until then I am just left wondering. One of my favorite qualities about my family is our communication. If I was to upset someone, they would let me know up front, my younger sister especially.

Now let’s take a look at my thoughts on this. I do believe there is a fine line that family members do not need to cross. Parents are given the opportunity to raise their children how they see fit. I think it is the role of the other family members to support them, but never try to take over that responsibility.

So far this is what I know- I will love that little guy with all my heart. I will always be there for him when he needs me. I know I will be there for my sister and her husband when they need a break. We know they will need one at some point or another. A breath of fresh air, a date night, or babysitting for a concert in March that I have already been made aware of. This aunt gig is new to me. I am sure the definition or description of this role will reveal itself over time. Until then, I am going to do whatever I can to make sure I am the best aunt I can be, in whatever capacity that is. I am excited for this adventure! I hope I am the aunt little Levi deserves.