The Point

I’ve got to make a change in my life. That point being said, this is the purpose for the two of us being here.

My father used to say “God, Family, Work and in that order” when teaching us about how to live life or when he was trying to get us to spend more time with him. He believed in the balance of life and not putting all your eggs in just one basket. When I look at my parents relationship and how they lived their life, I find it very appealing. This year has been incredible but the only thing I’ve focused on is Work. At this point in my life, it was something I had to do. After graduating college I didn’t have a direction in my career and was unsure what I wanted to do. As a result of focusing only on my career this year, I feel unbalanced. I mean my life feels unbalanced. “God, Family, Work.”… This is how I know it needs to be. I need your help to hold me accountable.

I’m no philosopher. I am not here to try to give you religious teachings, but I do believe God calls us to live a certain way. He wants us involved and contributing to the communities around us, living a simple life that is not all about the latest trends or the nicest cars, and definitely not sitting on the couch living vicariously through others Instagram accounts. He created the world for us to seek out and learn about other cultures and people. He wants us out there doing and living, enjoying the splendor of everything he created.

Family is something I did not truly appreciate until this year. Some of the greatest memories I have are adventures with my family. This is especially a big year for my family because are welcoming my first nephew and my parents first grandchild. There is also this guy who is becoming part of the family, that would be Graham. We might let you in on some of our adventures. Dallas adventures, road trips, weekly date nights(which he insists are a must) and his infinite surprises… One of the most important parts of keeping your family connected is nightly dinners around the table. Luckily for me, I found a man that loves to cook. He loves cooking so much, he insists I will as well… but we’ll see. You get to experience my triumphs and failures in the kitchen. Graham will be sure to capture the failures for you.

There are so many components to our lives.. Work is part of life whether we like it or not. Hopefully you have found a career that you love. It has taken me a while to find the one I am currently in. I do like it, but we will find out together if this is the career path that I will love. I spent the entire year of 2018 figuring out what I wanted my career to be. Something very important I learned is no job is just given to you. You have to work your way up. I have a very specific five year career goal (not something that will happen over night).

I love style and fashion. Creating a unique look that is all mine is some thing I thoroughly enjoy doing. That being said, I promise this is no fashion blog. There will not be any pointless posts tagging the brands none of us can afford. TJ Maxx is where it is at. If I did not get it there, my looks are probably left over from high school. You will see some awesome bell bottom jeans at some point that I wore as a teen.

Now to bring a little resolution to this first post of mine. The final part of my life I will share will be living healthy. Let’s be real for a second, fitness is not enjoyable to me, it is work. Hard work. Eating healthy is not bad at all. But staying in shape, that is something I will need your help with. Once again, you are my accountability partner. I’ll be here for you if you are here for me.

I am excited for this. Our journey together. There is no script we are following. I am just here to live and bring you along for the enjoyment, the failures, and those moments that make life spectacular. Let’s see what life has to offer.